31 July 2022 - Hit by the Spicy Flu

Getting COVID-19, rising US markets, and sitting at home doing nothing.

πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Health & Fitness - 3/10 (🀒)

Bodyweight: 79.5kg (-1.0)
Height: 183cm (unchanged..phew)
Calorie Adherence: Moderate (perhaps 80%)
Bodyweight Goal: 87kg (LEAN)

A little bit of a shameful week on the health and fitness, given that I unfortunately caught COVID-19 for the first time ever and was essentially sidelined from the gym (#rip gains).

I took the time to do some mobility work at home during the week, but I was actually hit quite severely with the spicy flu so took some time to just recover.

Been watching a lot of Jeff Nippard lately - loved this video on intensity 
Squats: 5x4, 1x6 @ 80kg
Deadlifts: 5x4, 1x5 @ 85kg
Pull Ups: 9 rep max
Bench: 4x5, 1x5 @ 62.5kg (


πŸ’Έ Work & Financial - 8/10 (πŸ€‘)

Stocks: 94% πŸ›οΈ
Cash: 4% πŸ’΅
Crypto: 2% πŸš€

I've got majority holdings in US Tech as I'm somewhat of a degenerate but the last month has been quite rewarding (ignore the fact that it's still down 20% YTD ).

Crypto is also up somewhat, and I only need a 6000x to buy a house in Sydney. Basically guaranteed at this point am I right. Β 

Role: BizOps + Marketing in Tech

Work is work, being sick doesn't help, but I'm definitely putting my head down and just powering through the next 2 months as I've got a tonne of work ahead.

I've got somewhat of a thick skin for this given I used to work in a mega-corporate with ridiculous hours so I'm pretty optimistic I'll be fine.

🧘 Hobbies & Mind - 3/10 (🀒)

Rock Climbing - Still deciding on new shoes (La Sportiva Finales?)
- Signing up for new classes
Boxing -
Gathering the courage to start

Yeah nil on this front - who knew being stuck at home sick all week wouldn't allow for a beautiful progression in hobbies?

Mentally, I'd say I'm pretty drained as well but it looks to be brightening up soon as I feel a lot better, plus a clear path ahead of me.

New climbing shoes should arrive tomorrow, let's go climbing this Saturday.

How was your week❓

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