24 July 2022: My Week in Review

Sickness in Melbourne, a pull up PR and new climbing shoes?

πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Health & Fitness - 7/10

Bodyweight: 80.5kg (+0.5)
Height: 183cm
Daily Calorie Target: 3600 (upgraded from 3000)
Bodyweight Goal: 87kg (LEAN)

Health-wise, this week was a bit of a doozy as most of Melbourne is coming down with either COVID-19, the flu, or anything mildly adjacent. I somehow escaped being fully sick although there were a few days I felt quite fatigued, although I seem to have avoided COVID-19 for now.

Fitness was still relatively productive for the week given the health factor (6 sessions) + I hit a pull-up PR of 9 reps which is quite sick (I was on a substantial amount of pre-workout β˜• but whose counting). Β  Β 

Still trying to stay disciplined on the dietary aspect, working from home has made this a lot easier for the week as I can just grab something from the fridge whenever I want, but I suspect going into the office will require more preparation on my end to keep this going. Β 

Squats: 5x4, 1x6 @ 80kg (focus on increasing reps)
Deadlifts: 5x4, 1x5 @ 85kg (focus on increasing reps)
Pull Ups: 9 rep max (focus on increasing reps)
Bench: 4x5, 1x5 @ 62.5kg (focus on increasing reps)

A focus for next week is to maintain weights but work on form and volume, I don't want my form to break down especially for squats because I have a tender lower back as is. I've also started incorporating core after each workout after noticing a substantial APT due to poor posture, so I'll work on that this week.

πŸ’Έ Work & Financial - 8/10

Stocks: 94% πŸ›οΈ
Cash: 4% πŸ’΅
Crypto: 2% πŸš€

The end of FY22 brings in a welcome cash injection via a tax refund from the ATO. I don't really need the cash at the moment and I'd like some more volatility in my life so I threw it into a 2% allocation of Ethereum. It's kind of fun being back in crypto, as small of an allocation as it is.

A big earnings week for US tech (which is the majority of my portfolio #diversification) so I'm preparing my body for some mid-week destruction but otherwise, the world economy chugs along and interest rates must go up.

Role: BizOps + Marketing in Tech
7/10 (definetly up from a last week)

The week ahead looks pretty intense, got a lot of work to stay on top of and I'm spending some more time in a new hybrid role. It's key for me this week to be organized, efficient and productive so I'll be dialed in with a playlist and will take it task-by-task.

🧘 Hobbies & Mind - 2/10

Rock Climbing - Still deciding on new shoes (La Sportiva Finales?)
- Signing up for new classes
Boxing -
Gathering the courage to start

Hobbies this week were derailed by the forced isolation and staying home as my partner got pretty sick, Melbourne (and Australia in general) is going through another massive COVID-19 spike so it's not a terrible idea to stay at home as much as possible, especially on the weekends.

I've been pretty consistent with the gym (awesome wipe-down procedures + disinfectant everywhere) but everything else is quite dependent on other people hence why I've pulled back on those. I doubt this will change this week, I think models are forecasting a peak in mid-August so I suspect hobby activity will remain relatively muted until then.

The soft goal is ordering rock climbing shoes this week (currently fixated on a pair of La Sportiva Finales).

Shoot me an email at adrian@webway.com.au if you have any questions, always happy to chat. See ya next time πŸ‘‹

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