17 July 2022: My Week in Review

Eating until I explode, making moves at work, and juggling hobbies?

πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Health & Fitness - 9/10

Bodyweight: 80kg
Height: 183cm
Daily Calorie Target: 3600 (upgraded from 3000)
Bodyweight Goal: 87kg (LEAN)

Interesting week for the health and fitness aspects of my life. I had a realization that if I really want to gain a significant amount of weight, I need to dedicate myself in terms of diet (basic, I know) and stop relying so much on fast food to intake calories.

Since moving to Melbourne at 73kg (6 months prior), I've gained roughly 7kg of almost entirely lean mass but I've stopped putting on weight for about 1 - 1.5 months now. The plan is to replace as much fast food as possible with home cooking, although I'm currently suffering from how much food I physically have to eat now (so much chicken thigh, god help me).

Squats: 5x4, 1x7 @ 75kg (increase next week)
Deadlifts: 5x4, 1x6 @ 80kg (increase next week)
Pull Ups: 7 rep max (let's go for 8 this week)
Bench: 4x5, 1x7 @ 60kg (increase next week)

The gym on the other hand has been smooth as butter with a deload last week, and now a fat caloric surplus providing exquisite amounts of energy. My lower body form has been progressing nicely, with basically a full recovery from a lower back strain in June so I think I'm good to increase weights across the board.

Keen to see how the next week goes, I suspect I'm eating at quite high of a caloric surplus so I'd be interested to see how that translates to the scale in just a week. I'll report back in 7 days with the results.

πŸ’Έ Work & Financial - 9/10

Cash: 3%
Stocks: 97%

The financial situation remains largely the same. Global markets in turmoil have decimated (😒) my equities portfolio for the year to date but alas, that's the theme for the year.

It was pretty interesting to see the US post a 9.1% inflation number without the markets absolutely tanking which implies that it was priced in, to an extent. I suspect inflation figures will begin to pull back from here given that I've seen commodity prices in a general pullback in June which could reflect in next month's data.

Role: Business Ops in Tech

I had an awesome quarterly review with the outcome being (drum roll)... I'm going to start transitioning into a growth marketing role in my current company. Starting at 2 days a week, I'll eventually move into the growth marketing role full-time with someone hired to take my current operations role. Β 

This is something I've been wanting for quite some time, so it was really gratifying to get confirmation from my manager. Now I'm a little stressed about the transition and making sure I do an awesome job (given I don't actually have a marketing background).

This is definitely something I'd recommend for anyone looking to get into a role that they're not qualified for currently. Move through the company and do a lateral/diagonal movement after showing how good you are in your current role. In my humble opinion, your personality and work ethic are more important than technical skills (which can be taught).

🧘 Hobbies & Mind - 5/10

Rock Climbing - Waitng on new shoes
- Signing up for a 6 week Saturday term
Boxing -
Gathering the courage to start

A pretty poor week for the hobbies side of my life if I'm honest. The majority of my time this week was taken up by going to the gym almost every night + cooking. I've also been working a decent amount and just running errands (plus I just came from Sydney on Monday morning).

The commitments I'm trying to juggle:

  • Full-time job
  • A genuine attempt at gaining significant amounts of weight
  • Trying to follow through with hobbies

Monday through Friday is essentially entirely taken by work + fitness (9 - 6 work, go home and eat dinner, hang out with the GF, workout at 9, go home and eat, shower and sleep), so it looks like the weekend is where I'll focus for the hobbies side of things.

Perhaps a goal for this week is to do that pottery class on Saturday, and climb on Sunday? I'll report back on how that goes.

Shoot me an email at adrian@webway.com.au if you have any questions, always happy to chat. See ya next time πŸ‘‹

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