How to Choose the Best Marketing Promotional Items

“Let’s do something different this year. Let’s find a great promo product for our company, something cost-effective, but that people will use. Something fresh!”

How many of you have had this conversation at your marketing meetings to kick off the year? As the marketing assistant, and person responsible for our promotional products, my heart skips a beat slightly when the conversation turns in this direction. If you’ve ever had to order promotional products you know this is no easy feat! Finding something cost-effective, that will appeal to the masses, internally and externally can seem like an impossible task.

For example, last year I was assigned my very first promo item order. We were to send chocolates to a user conference we were sponsoring. I conducted my due diligence and carefully weighed the cost vs. benefits of square chocolates vs. truffles, single wrapped vs. two chocolates per box, gold vs. silver imprint. We ended up choosing two decadent truffles per box, with a lovely silver imprint.

In the interest of being very responsible, we were way ahead of schedule, so we instructed our purveyor to hold the order for two weeks. Well, (can you guess where this is going?) a few days later I receive an email from our purveyor. Our delicate truffles are on their way to hot, sunny, sweltering Florida, two weeks ahead of schedule! After some back and forth, we were told the hotel could hold them in a cool, dry place and everyone agreed they would be just fine. Even my food technologist husband pointed out that truffles sit on store shelves across the country with no ill-effect. A wave of relief washed over me and all was right with the world.


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