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Download a sample eBook

The eBook looks like a full-sized hard cover book and can be read on a PC. Viewers can navigate around the book with a click of the mouse.  They can either read on screen or print just the page/pages they are interested in.

An eBook can also be a talking book; a user can select and listen to a reading of a selected piece of work.


Once opened, the eBook page display has the familiar Windows toolbar for searching, bookmarking, printing, copying, viewing or auto-flipping of pages. Because of its graphic format, photos and illustrations can be easily included in an eBook.

With a click of the mouse button it is possible to:

  • turn the pages and browse through the book
  • go directly to a particular page
  • flip backwards & forwards through the pages
  • search for a particular word/group of words
  • print copies of a selected page or pages
  • print the photos and illustrations
  • set display to automatic for a slide show presentation 

Special software is not needed to view the eBook - just pop it in your CD drive and off you go.

Leap In Time
by the
Carindale Writers' Group

This publication includes an eBook on CD as well as a paperback printed edition.  The eBook contains an audio facility - viewers can listen to the story being read while they are reading it.
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