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Put your Product Catalogue on CD.

Printing coloured catalogues is expensive and you need to have a specific number of copies printed at the one time to justify the expense.

Not anymore - if you make these catalogues into a virtual catalogue on a CD - an electronic catalogue. 

Updating the catalogue is easy. New products can be added at any time, and products which need to be removed from the catalogue can be deleted. Price changes etc. can be accommodated just as easily.

With an electronic catalogue you purchase just the quantity you require when you require them. Additional copies can be purchased at any time. In fact, if you have the facility, you can make additional copies of your e-catalogue yourself.

Viewing a custom designed electronic catalogue containing a collection of photos (or illustrations) of your products is just like viewing a printed catalogue. You turn the pages with a 3D flipping motion and realistic sound. It's as if you are holding the printed catalogue, but in fact, it's even better!

In addition to the familiar page-flipping browsing, an electronic catalogue has even more functionality.  

  • Thumbnail overviews, table of contents, index and search features allow quick access to all your product images.
  • Products can be viewed from their catalogue pages or enlarged on the fly to fill the entire screen.
  • Bookmarks can be placed on specific pages, for even faster access to product images.
  • Auto flipping lets you create an entertaining hands-free visual display, forward and back throughout the catalogue.
  • Catalogue pages can be printed out or saved to your customers' hard drives for editing or email. 
  • Each catalogue is self contained. Your customers can print out just the pages which are of interest to them and they can be provided with the choice of either printing out an order form from the CD or accessing an online order form. 
  • Your catalogue can be hyper-linked to your web site.

You can select patterns for the catalogue cover, inside pages, and backgrounds from our selection sheets, or you can provide your own for us to use.

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