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    The services we offer include:
  • Full consultation on content and layout - we will liaise with you, your Marketing Manager or other relevant staff to ensure that you and your staff make the decisions regarding  the design of your Website.

  • Web page layout templates which have been developed to make your choice of a design for your website very easy.  Select Design Templates from the menu above to view a selection of some of the designs that are available. 

  • Development of Sites including On-Line Catalogues and On-Demand printing facilities.  Select Sample Sites from the menu at the top of your screen to see how easy and economical it is for businesses to deliver their catalogues in various formats.

  • Design and supply of images to suit your particular business - we have the facilities to offer a complete graphic design and photo scanning service.

  • Incorporation of clients' existing logos and promotional materials - to maintain a corporate image,  your existing logos and brochures etc can be included in your Website.

  • Construction of on-line interactive forms - whether collecting feedback, placing an order or conducting a survey we will enable you to do it through the Internet.

  • Integration of web and office resources (Intranet) - as organisations move towards providing e-mail and web access to staff we can assist you take advantage of web technologies.

  • Provision of site statistics - to enable businesses to monitor the viewing habits of customers, statistics are provided regularly, usually on a monthly basis.   

Should you require any further information about the products and services which WebWay can offer please e-mail us.

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Our Pricing Policy

The aim of WebWay is to develop websites for the small business sector at reasonable prices.

WebWay has been kept small and personal.  Our overheads are not high so we can offer you a quality product at a very good price.

View a full pricelist by selecting Prices from the menu at the top of the screen.