8 Innovative SEM Tips From Those in the Know

SEM is a huge, multifaceted field, and the precise functions of SEMs and search engines both change constantly. To keep you up to date and in the know, here are eight essential pieces of advice from SEM leaders with a proven track record of influencing the industry.

Niel Patel: Start Using Schema Markup

Niel Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg (the system that pioneered heat-mapping), a well-reputed industry analyst, and an influential SEM blogger. Forbes named him one of the top 10 marketing experts to follow in 2014.

Patel emphasizes “schema markup” as a powerful tool for making your search results more clickable, as it describes your content and explains how it should be displayed to search engines. Just like the h3 tag tells Web browsers to display text in a specific way, you can use schema markup tags to tell search engines which information to include in the SERP and how.

Ian O’Rourke: Get White-Hot Keyword Data

In an interview with the Haggerston Times, Adthena’s Ian O’Rourke details how important it is for advertisers to gather useful data on both their and their competitors’ performance in the SERPs.

O’Rourke emphasizes that without highly technical SEM software you are pretty much blind to your competitors’ activity, diminishing your company’s impact on your market. However, search metrics can tell you not just how you and your competitors are performing, but also where the traffic is going, who is bidding on which keywords, and when companies are submitting their bids.


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