7 Simple SEM Tips to Help You Get Started

In today’s digitally driven marketing world, it is essential to create an integrated marketing approach that utilizes all relevant marketing channels. Thinking of getting started with SEM? Here are few simple SEM tips to help you with your navigation.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), when used effectively can increase sales and promote brand awareness. However, the intricacies of Search Engine Marketing can be so complicated that many businesses without a dedicated search engine marketer, stay away from using platform all together.

1. Choose a Relevant Search Engine Marketing Platform

Google Adwords and Bing Ads are two of the most popular search engine marketing platforms. In choosing your platform, you have to ask yourself qualifying questions such as:

  • What is the age bracket of my target audience?
  • How does this age bracket usually like to receive information?
  • Where do they usually shop or research before buying?
  • Are my competitors running SEM campaigns?
  • What results am I Expecting?

Going through these questions can help you determine if a particular platform might be beneficial and/or if you should be using Search Engine marketing at all. For instance, if you sell products to people in a certain age bracket who like to receive their news in hardcopy newspaper or magazine format, it might be better to spend your marketing dollars on display ads in those magazines or you could invest in old-fashioned snail mail campaign.

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